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Hiesing-Simons and Build Initiative Partnership


TCCAC continues the mission of Project HOPE  to raise the voices of CA Tribal communities, create understanding with communities outside of our own and promote cultural competencies. The Culture Committee launched their outreach video describing this project, the journey of TCCAC and Tribal Child Care and why it is so important for each tribe to tell their story.

TCCAC is proud to announce the Heising-Simons Foundation has approved a grant to our organization in the amount of $250,000.00. This grant is to support the organizational development of the Tribal Child Care Association of California and continue toward our north star developed by TCCAC, tribes, state, and federal partners:

Building trust and partnership to expand the access and quality of early learning and care for native children; supporting local level systems-building for tribal child care; and bringing the voices of the tribal communities to the state; and, in turn, increasing the access to culturally appropriate materials and traditions for native children.

We have asked the BUILD Initiative to work with us over the next 12 months to support our efforts in partnerships, policy, and systems-building. BUILD Initiative works with leaders on building equitable early childhood systems for children prenatal to age five and their families. 

Priorities for our first year of funding includes:

  • Elevate tribal voices with a strong foundation grounded in the priorities of our tribal membership
  • Prioritize healing within and close to our tribal nations before we can journey toward the path of healing others
  • Ensure tribal communities are prioritized consistently to create trusting and respectful relationships and building state and federal partners based on our individual, unique cultures, traditions, and sovereignty
  • Develop a proactive approach to influencing state departments’ priorities, policy making process and implementation strategies
  • Continue relationship building opportunities and awareness of cultural considerations in child care through cross-sector Tribal, federal, and state team collaboration focused on a shared future that the Creator plans for every beautiful child
  • Seize the opportunity to influence state child care policy and programing with all programs shifting to the California Department of Social Services
  • Institutionalize/prioritize hearing voices directly from Tribal communities residing in diverse rural and urban geographical locations through annual beneficiary voice visits and inclusion of tribal representation at the state and local policy levels (Local Child Care Planning Councils, Governor appointed Stakeholder Committees, etc.)
  • Provide a strong voice in California’s revisioning of quality improvement and the Master Plan for Early Learning and Care and how the tribes are advancing quality in equitable and culturally meaningful ways
  • Implement healing and engaging conversations as it relates to trauma and strength-based approaches and reimagines approaches to leadership to inform systems and structures in the state